Soon, Microsoft is set to launch what it’s calling “the next generation of Windows”. All the initial signs point to the new version being called Windows 11. Windows is getting a full version bump when Microsoft previously said it was going to use Windows 10 forever.

When will the announcement take place?

Microsoft sent out invitations on June 2 for a virtual event that will be held on June 24 and the fact that Microsoft has chosen the time of 11am for the event backs up the ‘Windows 11’ theory. This also isn’t typical timing for a Microsoft press event.

When CEO Satya Nadella teased Windows 11 at Build, he said that this is going to be the biggest update to Windows in over a decade. That is a bold statement.

Back when Windows 10 was announced, it was going to be the last version of Windows. After that, we’d have Windows on a service, and the plan was to let it evolve over time.

Here’s the big issue though. Everyone that said Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows doesn’t work there anymore.

The Verge points out, other Microsoft executives have been stoking the rumor flames too, with comments like this one from the VP of Modern Life, Search & Devices Group, Yusuf Mehdi:

When will Windows 11 Come out?

Windows 11 will come out this fall. Initially the preview is going to go out to Windows Insiders. It should head to the Beta channel shortly after, and that’s also when OEMs are going to start to get their copies for installing on new laptops and desktops. In October or November 2021, Windows 11 should bbe available to everyone, likely as a free update.