Hackers found infecting ‘free’ Windows activators like KMSPico to steal from cryptocurrency wallets

Why it matters: Software piracy isn’t new, but with the proliferation of “activators” for Windows and Office, you also have malicious actors scrambling to take advantage of unsuspecting users who utilize such tools. Their victims do this believing they save on software licensing costs, but at the same time, they expose their systems to sophisticated

Importance of patching Security vulnerabilities urgently

There is a high level of Importance of patching security vulnerabilities urgently upon Discovery on any Corporate Network Environment.This is as Highlighted in the case of Apache Airflow servers at leading tech firms leaking thousands of credentials. Something which highlights the importance of prompt patching. The latter also demonstrates how simple misconfiguration flaws and going

Report: Microsoft Exchange Under Attack With ProxyShell Flaws

Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers are Under Attack, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is warning . There have been active exploitation attempts that leverage the latest line of “ProxyShell” Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities. These Vulnerabilites that were patched earlier this May, including deploying LockFile ransomware on compromised systems. More About the attacks Tracked as CVE-2021-34473,