How to: Manually Recover Deleted Website Content

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People always searching for how to Recover Deleted Website Content . It is often possible to recover lost websites using a combination of web archives and search engine caches, the process will take some time especially if you are going to recover a large site that had more than a few dozen web pages for sure. Do you want to know about the process you need to follow for recovering deleted website content? If yes is your answer, then you need to follow several ways which can help in restoring deleted web pages easily without any hassle.

Restore from Backup

It is an easy process if you are having the backup file. Also, it is better if you prefer backing up your vital files from time to time. If you do not have a habit of backing up your file, then you should look for another option without any second thought.

Restore Website from Web Cache

The famous web cache is the Wayback Machine ( or Google Search web cache. This way always depends on your website quality and also on 3rd party service. You should note that the 3rd party cache service like Wayback machine or Google search will take the website snapshot of your website at a higher frequency if you prefer updating your website content regularly. Then, you can easily get back all your website contents from their cache without any issues at all.

How to Restore Deleted Web Page from Google Cache

You can even restore your delete web page from Google Cache easily. It would be better for you to understand that from Google Cache, you would be able to get back the latest content of your website page which Google takes the snapshot of the web page as a backup. It is perfect and safe if the website is not online for a few periods. You should note that if your website is not working for a few months, then you cannot take the help of this way as Google will also remove all their catches from the database for sure.

How to Restore Deleted Web Page from

wayback machine

Have you deleted your website several months ago? If yes, then you will not have any backup for sure. In this case, you can take the help of for better results. Here are several steps you need to follow for restoring the website from

  • The first step is to visit and search your website with the help of a domain name. will offer you a clear user-interface to search the website cache.
  • Now you need to select the new cache from the calendar. You can even get the screenshot of the website on that day after clicking on a date.
  • You should trace way back until searching the correct web content
  • Copy and paste content to your website. It would be better to keep your new website link as same as the previous one, which would benefit traffic from previous links.


At last, you need to understand that does not guarantee  that it would help in caching 100% of your website content. But it is still the most perfect way to restore the deleted web page. From the above discussion we can understand that ‘Recover Deleted Website Content’ is not an easy Job. So always keep a backup of your website in cloud systems (Automatically/ manually) is the best way to keep out of danger.