Arusha city plans new satellite town

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The Arusha District Council has embarked on a multibillion shillings project to build a new satellite town comprising hundreds of residential houses and shopping malls.

“We’ve already acquired the land of about 430 hectares to the tune of 8.6bn/- and full construction of the project is set to start by October this year,” said Khalifa Hida, executive director of the council.

He said the project, geared to boost the district council’s revenue collections, was also meant to provide low-income earners with ultra-modern residential houses, which would be made available for people to rent or purchase.

According to Hida, the council was making final touches to kick start the project dubbed, “Arusha DC, Safari Town”.

“Only minor issues are yet to be address before the kick off of the implementation. We’re talking to Valhala Estate Company, which has been picked to implement the project,” he said, without disclosing the total project coss.

Hida explained: “This is one of the giant projects the district council has ever embarked opon in its history. So, we need a lot of support from development partners in and outside the country.”

He however explained that the entire project would be implemented under the newly established firm – Arusha District Council Trust Company.

The district council was in a process of acquiring a 8.6bn/-, loan from the Tanzania Investment Bank (TIB) as part of efforts to raise money for the project, said the council DED.

Hida said hundreds of houses would be built in the project area to accommodate people with different economic status and lifestyles.

He said the council also needed to form different committees, which would be charged with installing important social services like water, power and sewerage.

A special committee would be formed to supervise and coordinate the entire project from construction, marketing and roads.