Mozilla have released new Version of its popular Firefox Web Browser, Version 107.0 , the new version introduces some new features while also fixing some bugs / issues on its previous release 106.5.

Among the new features included are :-

  • Improved the performance of the instance when Microsoft’s IME and Defender retrieve the URL of a focused document in Windows 11 version 22H2.
  • Power profiling — visualizing performance data recorded from web browsers — is now also supported on Linux and Mac with Intel CPUs, in addition to Windows 11 and Apple Silicon.

Various security fixes have been fixed as well including : –

CVE-2022-45403: Service Workers might have learned size of cross-origin media files

CVE-2022-45404: Fullscreen notification bypass

CVE-2022-45405: Use-after-free in InputStream implementation

CVE-2022-45406: Use-after-free of a JavaScript Realm

CVE-2022-45421: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 107 and Firefox ESR 102.5

Read the full report of the security fixes here

How to Update to Firefox 107:

The update should happen automatically , after which you will be prompted to restart your Firefox web browser for the update to take full effect.

Otherwise you may manually update by following these simple steps.

  • Click on the Help Menu on your Firefox Web Browser
  • Click on ‘About Firefox ‘
  • Let it check for updates for a few seconds
  • Let it download the new update
  • When prompted to restart the browser , do so accordingly.