Lets think about how a new Clear Space Age could offer Solutions to some pressing issues. With the Global population racing towards the key 8 Billion Mark which is projected by the UN to be confirmed by around November 15 , 2022 . Tap / Click here to check the latest live numbers.

The world is grappling to deal with ever growing challenges especially Climate Change / Extreme weather, Natural Resources Depletion, loss of Biodiversity, Ever Growing Water and Food scarcity in Many areas, New potentially crippling diseases, Rising Costs of Living and High rate of unemployment in some Geo locations and Geo-political tensions in other locations.

As years go by it becomes much more clearer that we are realistically ‘sort of running out space’ to Sustainably maintain Life ‘here and just here’ on our beloved planet Earth.

It therefore makes sense to critically think of what the future might hold for Humanity & other species and its future generations under the above listed challenges to mention but a few.

One realm of possibilities which could take away the ever growing challenges and solve many of the pressing issues facing Humanity and other species is a well executed expansion into the space frontier marking the true beginning of a new clear space age.

This will in turn greatly reduce the stress levels and strains currently facing planet earth and its inhabitants lead by the Human Race, while protecting the futures of Human beings and other species as well as ensuring a more sustainable continuity on our Mother planet Earth as well.

The proper unveiling and execution of the space frontier will potentially create an unlimited number of Future Jobs as well for Humans, Robots and other Species due to sheer number of Infinite resources that exist in Space and the amount of work that will need to be done to build the new clear future. There simply will not be enough hours to the Day in this new Space future .

Without going any further deeper into details as I believe there are many who have thought in more details about how a new Clear Space Age could offer Solutions , let me conclude by simply saying that ‘ The Future is a Space to work On’ and the possibilities that the space future will truly be infinite.

Yours Truly,



Revised on 11/10/22.

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