Michael & Jeffrey Jordan Launch Tech & Entertainment Company

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HEIR, the Jordans’ new holding company, seeks to use emerging tech to develop brands that tell innovative stories and find creative ways to connect fans with their favorite athletes.
Michael & Jeffrey Jordan Launch Tech & Entertainment Company

Michael Jordan and his son, Jeffrey Jordan, are off on a whole new adventure that marries technology and entertainment with the tireless work ethic and commitment to excellence that came to be associated with the family name.

On Tuesday, they revealed HEIR Inc., an organization that will foster brands committed to compelling narratives and a sincere, grounded sense of community, all while harnessing emerging technologies that allow them to connect with consumers in creative ways.

“What HEIR Inc. is developing is purpose-built for a new era of athlete enterprise, opening the door for richer storytelling and deeper consumer engagement,” says Jeffrey Jordan. “The Jordan name has cultivated a loyal community for more than 35 years; the focus now is passing that legacy on to the next generation. We hope to continue to build and invest in businesses that bring that same reverence to the media and tech space.”

Jordan Launch Tech & Entertainment Company

As the Jordan’s Launch Tech & Entertainment Company , HEIR will be led by co-founders Jeffrey Jordan, Daniel George (Nike, FIFA, Rakuten), and Jeron Smith (Nike, Sony, White House Office of Digital Strategy). They’re joined by Vice President of Operations Briana Richardson, a veteran of Robinhood and Bain & Company.

The holding company makes its formal debut with a self-titled product. HEIR is a decentralized digital community that will help athletes leverage the advantages of Web3 and the Solana blockchain network to connect with fans, including via the use of NFTs and “huddles” that provide a direct path to exclusive experiences and limited product releases.

The platform recently raised $10 million in seed money led by Thrive Capital and joined by Solana Ventures, Alexis Ohanian, Lonzo Ball, and William “World Wide Wes” Wesley.

“We envision HEIR becoming the platform that will help cultivate the future of athlete Meta-Brands,” says HEIR Inc. co-founders George and Smith. “Dedicated supporters are at the heart of the platform, and they’ll benefit from early adoption ownership and unmatched access to their favorite athletes. Through marketplace engagement and tech-enabled activations, our platform unlocks the underserved monetization of fandom. We are excited to offer creators a wider range of engagement tools to reach passionate supporters, especially Gen Z and millennials, in new ways.”

The HEIR platform will launch in 2022. Source: Boardroom.