How to check your website rank in Google

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Website rankings are crucial information that will help you not only gauge whether your strategies are working, but also evaluate how you stand against the competition—and identify key opportunities for the future.

How to check your website rank in Google

The trouble is, Google doesn’t explicitly publish this information. Instead, you’ll need the help of one (or more) third-party tools to see where you’re ranking for keywords and phrases relevant to your business.

These are some of the best ways to check your website rank in Google:

SEMRush is an innovative tool focused on helping online entrepreneurs with an all-in-one marketing toolkit. With it, you can check on a variety of aspects regarding the success of their website. For starters, online entrepreneurs are able to track the rankings of their websites and the sites of their competitors daily. Being quickly alerted of a significant shift allows you to make the necessary changes in order to keep up with others in your niche; for example, you might notice that your top competitor overtook you for your most valuable keyword, so you can quickly tweak your strategy to compensate for the change.

Alexa– The Web Information Company also offers valuable products to utilize in the tracking of your website. Their metrics are certified, and they reveal how much of the traffic revealed in your reports are from real people. While many tools do not allow you to make such a differentiation, the ability to understand this often overlooked factor allows you to get a better look at your actual statistics. It is easy for anyone to find just what they are looking for in web tracking as they offer various packages with different levels of features and benefits.

Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker is a handy tool to track your ups and downs in organic search. It allows you to monitor both desktop and mobile rankings for multiple keywords, up to 10K to be exact. As Google generates different SERPs for different locations, you can monitor keywords in up to 170 different countries. You can go even further and specify the necessary state (or, say, county if it’s the UK) and city. Such a state-and-city-wide drill down makes this tool perfect for tracking positions in hyperlocal SERPs.

Finally, there’s Moz’s Rank Tracker. Moz has been a leading authority in the SEO space for years, so it makes sense they would have one of the best rank checkers on the market. Available only to Moz Pro users, you can use this tool to discover how your pages are ranking for specified keywords and phrases, and track how those rankings change over time.

These innovative tools to check your website rank in Google can help you monitor your progress, analyzing exactly which tactics are helping you improve your visibility and which ones are holding you back. But you still need other quality SEO tools and strong fundamentals in SEO if you want your site to succeed.