How to fix: Facebook Memories Not Working

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If may be that you have run into a problem whereby your Facebook Memories are Not Working properly.
Memories on the Facebook app are a unique feature. That allows users to take look back at their shared, old content on Facebook. The feature’s first name was “On this day”, but it has been renamed as the Memories. You will only see, share and manage 1-year-old photos, videos, and other content you have shared on Facebook before.

How to fix: Your Facebook Memories Not Working

However, there is no way to take a look at your old Facebook memories manually (to a specific date). Facebook automatically displays all the contents you have shared on Facebook 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years ago on the current date in the past. Let’s say, today is Feb 15, 2021, thus you will only your old Facebook memories (contents) you have shared back on Feb 15, 2020, 2019, etc on Facebook.

Facebook memories feature is a kind of way back machine to your old contents. Your content means the photos, videos, status, and stories you have shared on Facebook years ago. However, for most of the users, this feature is not working. In this article, we will show you the procedure to fix it. And I will also show you that what is the reason if you don’t see anything in the Memories section on your Facebook.

Why Facebook Memories are not available

There are several reasons for your Facebook memories are not working properly. For example, the section is there but you don’t see contents in there. Meaning, there is a loading problem, the section is completely empty, etc. It’s because of one of the following reasons:

  • Your Facebook application is not up to date.
  • The Facebook app you are using is from unknown sources.
  • There are no contents you have shared on this day.
  • The Facebook app has bugs.
  • You have not cleared the Facebook app’s date and caches for a long time.
  • If you don’t see memories for this day, Facebook servers are temporarily down for maintenance, etc.
  • Your phone software is not up to date, phone resources, other apps, and Facebook has background conflicts.

Possibly it is one of the above reasons that you don’t see your Facebook memories are working properly. So, if you have any idea for fixing the above, then do it and for sure you will fix the problem with Facebook memories.

Learn How Fix Facebook Memories Not Working

As I have already discussed the reasons why the Facebook memories are not working. You might know how to fix it. But if you don’t then stick to the end of this post. For your information, the Facebook avatar sticker, your Facebook stories won’t show up in the Memories. Let me show you various methods to fix the Facebook memories not working problem:

Important things to know when Facebook Memories are Not Working

Before going to fix the problem, you actually need to understand it. Let me explain it. For example, you did not share anything on this day in the past, then how you will see your memories for this day, actually you cannot.

2nd, you have deleted some of your posts you don’t actually remember. You think you will find those posts, videos or photos, etc,  in the Memoires section, but you cannot, deleted contents on Facebook won’t be displayed in the Memories.

3rd, in a post (a video, photo) you think you will see Memories for, but actually, someone has reported it and Facebook does delete unusual contents. Even you have got a notification for that, but you have missed that too. How could you wait and find such things in the Memories? In short, for such cases, it’s impossible. Yes, if it is because of a technical problem, we will fix it using one of the following methods.

Method 1: Restart your device

Sometimes restarting a smartphone fixes various issues on the device. The Android or iOS will reboot and, all the apps will be restarted. These apps will try refreshing in the background including the Facebook app. Thus it may fix such things automatically on your device including the memos. Thus if they still exist then try one of the following.

Method 2: Clear Facebook app’s cache

Facebook application on Android and iOS has lots of files on the device. These files include your Facebook data, login information such as username and password, your photos, and saved videos. Thus such data help Facebook boot faster and display your things quickly. However, you must clear these files and data once a month. Because after that you will start seeing similar issues including the Facebook memories not loading properly etc. To do so just go to Settings then Apps and find then tap Facebook. Go to the Storage option and clear the Data and Cache.

Method 3: Update the Facebook app

If you think there is no mistake in the Settings in the Facebook app. Then try updating your Facebook application to its version in the Play Store and App Store. After that, you must log out then clear the Facebook app data and cache files then sign in to your account. Now you can check your Facebook memories. For sure this method will work for almost 90% of your guys. Check to go ahead and open the Play Store then search for Facebook, if there is any update available, tap the Update button to install the latest version of the Facebook application. Also, don’t forget to restart your device.

Method 4: Uninstall the Facebook app and reinstall it

Even when you update your Facebook app, log out then sign in to your account, restart your phone but nothing works. That is a clear indication of your Facebook app has some background conflicts with other apps or not loading properly. In short, the only thing that will make it work and bring your Facebook Memories back to work by removing the installing the Facebook app. Do it, then log in to your account, and check your Facebook memories.

Method 5: Check that the Facebook server is up and running

As I mentioned earlier Facebook app stores lots of information and files on your device. Thus the app uses such data for quick boot up and to display you various things immediately. However, sometimes the Facebook app will, and some of it won’t load properly, for example, its Memos, etc. It’s because possibly their servers are in maintenance mode or down at the current moment. In such a case, you may need to try opening your Facebook memories after 24 hours, or 48 hours. For sure, after that, you will have your Facebook memories loading and working properly.

Method 6: Restore Device or Check for software updates

You have come to this stage because none of the above works. OK, your phone at some level will get to a stage where it needs to be restored and updated. If not then most of the applications won’t work properly including Facebook. And if Facebook does not work properly and then it’s going to load up its features include the Memories etc?

First of all, go ahead and check your phone’s software update in the About or Update section in the Settings. Then if there is no update try restoring your device. But note that it will erase all your data from the phone. So, make sure you backup your data first. Then go to Settings and find Reset your Device to Factory Settings. Once the device reboots then install the Facebook app first, then go to its Memoires section and check.