Bureau Veritas Issue Statement on the Cyber Attack Suffered

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Finally Bureau Veritas Issue Statement on the Cyber Attack they suffered, Following the recent Cyber Attack that affected Bureau Veritas , a world leader in testing, inspection and certification services (TIC) , the company have released a statement.

Bureau Veritas Issue Statement on the Cyber Attack they suffered

Bureau Veritas is a French company specialized in the testing, inspection and certification founded in 1828. It operates in a variety of sectors, including Building & Infrastructure (27% of revenue), Agri-food & Commodities (23% of revenue), Marine & Offshore (7% of revenue), Industry (22% of revenue), Certification (7% of revenue) and Consumer Products (14% of revenue).

Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries through a network of over 1,500 offices and laboratories, and more than 78,000 employees. Bureau Veritas generated €5.1 billion in revenue in 2019. Didier Michaud-Daniel has been the CEO of Bureau Veritas since March 2012.

Bureau Veritas was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1828. Originally called the “Bureau de renseignements pour les assurances maritimes” (Information Office for Maritime Insurance), its mission was to “establish the truth and expose without apprehension or favoritism”

Read the Bureau Veritas officially Issued Statement on the Cyber Attack they recently suffered below :
On Saturday November 20th, 2021, the cybersecurity system of Bureau Veritas detected a cyber-attack.

In response, all the group’s cybersecurity procedures were immediately activated. A preventive decision has been made to temporarily take our servers and data offline to protect our clients and the company while further investigations and corrective measures are in progress. This decision generates a partial unavailability or slowdown of our services and client interfaces.

Bureau Veritas’ teams, supported by leading third-party IT experts, are currently deploying all efforts to ensure business continuity and minimize disruption to its clients, employees and partners. Our incident response procedure has been triggered.

Bureau Veritas has also actioned the relevant authorities, who will provide us with additional support to resume normal operations in short term.

We would like to thank our clients for their understanding and trust.

Download the press release – ( Bureau Veritas Issue Statement on the Cyber Attack they suffered )