Has your computer screen flipped upside down or Sideways suddenly, and you don’t know what you’ve down to cause it?  Here is How to Fix: a Computer Screen Flipped.

Don’t worry. This is a common Windows screen issue, and many people have resolved the computer screen upside down issue with the solutions in this post. So read on and get your Windows screen back on track.

What to do if my computer is screen Flips

Here are the fixes to try. You shouldn’t have to try them all. Just try each in turn until everything’s working again.

  1. Try keyboard shortcut combinations
  2. Configure Display Settings

Note: It’d be so uncomfortable to search on Google and follow the instruction if your computer/laptop screen turns upside down, so you can search on Google and read the instructions on another computer or mobile phone to go on.

Fix 1: Try keyboard shortcut combinations to Fix a Computer Screen Flipped

Sometimes you might accidentally press the keyboard shortcut combinations to flip your computer screen upside down, so you can try to press the keyboard shortcut combinations to rotate your display screen to place normally. Here’s how to do it:

1) On your keyboard, press the Keyboard shortcut combinations: Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow, Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow, Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow, or Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow.

2) After pressing the keyboard shortcuts, see if your desktop screen rotates.

If yes, keep pressing the keyboard shortcut combinations until it turns to the right screen orientation that you want.

If not, it’s possible that the Hot Keys in your computer is disabled. Follow the instructions below to enable Hot Keys:

1) Right click the empty area on your desktop, and click Graphics Options or something similar to that.

How to Fix: a Computer Screen Flipped Upside down or Side Ways

2) Go to Hot Keys and make sure it’s enabled.

3) Then try the keyboard shortcut combinations again to rotate your computer/laptop screen.

This should help you fix the upside down screen. If not, don’t worry. We have other solutions.

Fix 2: Configure Display Settings

The incorrect display settings in your computer can lead to the upside down screen, so you should check and configure the display settings to fix it.

If you’re using Windows 10

1) Right click on any empty area on your desktop, and select Display settings.

2) In the Display pane, from the Orientation drop down menu, change the orientation to: Landscape, Portrait, Landscape (flipped), or Portrait (flipped) for your Windows screen, until it rotates to the right orientation.

You may need to try different orientations until you’re satisfied. If you’re satisfied with the current orientation you selected, click Keep changes to save; if not, click Revert or just wait 15 seconds.

In Case you’re using Windows 7 and Windows 8

1) Click the Start button at the bottom left corner, and select Control Panel.

2) Select View by category, and click Adjust screen resolution.

3) Click the drop down menu next to Orientation, and select Portrait, Landscape (flipped), Portrait (flipped), and click OK.

You’ll need to try each one to flip your computer screen to a proper orientation.

By following the simple how to fix: a Computer Screen Flipped guide above , you will be able to restore your screen back to normality and be able to work productively once again.