How to Turn Off Keyboard Sound on Android

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There are people who like the keyboard tap sound on a smartphone and those who don’t. If you belong to the latter category, you can easily disable the keyboard sound on Android , where it is enabled by default. Let’s examine how to turn off keyboard sound for Gboard, SwiftKey, and Samsung.

How to Turn Off Keyboard Sound on Android

1. Disable Keyboard Sound on Gboard

1. Open the Gboard keyboard settings by following the above method or launching any app where you can use the Gboard keyboard to access the settings quickly. Tap on the Settings icon at the top of the keyboard. Alternatively, open the App drawer on your phone and tap on “Gboard.”

2. Tap on “Preferences” in Gboard settings. Scroll down and turn off the toggle next to “Sound on keypress.” If you want, you can decrease the keypress volume instead of completely disabling it. For that, tap on the “Volume on keypress” option and adjust it to your needs.

On the same screen, you will be able to disable keyboard vibration. For that, turn off the toggle next to “Haptic feedback on keypress.” You can also adjust the vibration strength if you decide to keep it enabled.

2. Disable Keyboard Sound on SwiftKey

1. Open the SwiftKey keyboard settings. You can do it in multiple ways. Firstly, open the SwiftKey keyboard in any app. Tap on the Settings icon on the keyboard. That will take you to the keyboard settings. You can also open the apps list on your phone and tap on “SwiftKey” from there. Alternatively, follow the method mentioned in “How to Open the Keyboard Settings on Android.”

2. Inside the SwiftKey settings, tap on “Sound & vibration.” Turn off the toggle next to “Keypress sound volume.” Similar to Gboard, you can increase or decrease the keypress volume using the available slider if you want to keep it enabled.

Interestingly, SwiftKey also lets you change the keyboard sound from the Keypress sound profile. And if you want to disable vibration as well for SwiftKey, disable the toggles next to “Use the Android default vibration” and “Keypress vibration.”

3. Disable Keyboard Sound on Samsung Keyboard

The steps to disable the sound or vibration for a Samsung keyboard are slightly different as you will see below. However, if you are using Gboard or SwiftKey on a Samsung Galaxy device, follow the steps mentioned above.

1. Launch Settings on your Samsung phone.

2. Tap on “Sounds and vibration” followed by “System sound/vibration control.”

3. Turn off the toggle next to “Samsung keyboard” under the Sound section. If you want to disable vibration as well, turn off the toggle under the Vibration section for “Samsung keyboard.”