How to: Share WhatsApp Status on Facebook

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WhatsApp users can update stories in the form of status that allows others to see what they have shared. WhatsApp stories, just like the Instagram ones, stay for 24 hours and automatically disappear after that, the guide below will show you to Share WhatsApp Status on Facebook as Stories.

How to: Share WhatsApp Status on Facebook as Stories

In September last year, WhatsApp introduced a feature that enables you to share your status updates on the app to Facebook stories. Both Android and iOS users can try this feature on their smartphones.

Here is how to do it:

Open WhatsApp on your smartphone

• Click on status and create a status update

• You will see two sharing options, depending on if you want to share a new or an old status update

If you want to share a new status, follow the below steps:

— Under my status, tap on share to Facebook Story

— If prompted, tap allow or open to the Facebook app

— Now, go to Facebook app and select the audience you want to share the stories with

— Click on Share Now

Remember, the Share to Facebook Story option disappears once you switch to another tab.

If you want to share your old status update, you have to follow the steps below:

— Click on My Status on your iPhone or More icon by My status on Android

— Tap on More (three dots) next to the status update you want to share

— Click on Share to Facebook

— If prompted, tap Allow or Open to open the Facebook app

— Go to Facebook app and select the audience you want the share stories with

— Tap Share Now in the Facebook app

WhatsApp will reopen on your device the moment your status update is shared on Facebook Story.

If you have multiple status updates, you can select which updates you want to share to Facebook Stories.

To use this feature, you need to have either of the apps on your phone – Facebook on Android, Facebook Lite on Android or Facebook on iOS.

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