There may be times when you simply just need a break and want a bit of disconnect from the sometimes ‘constant flurry of messages’ So you may want to read a WhatsApp Message without the Sender knowing, this is without alerting the sender that you have read and ignore responding to it at the time.

How to Read a WhatsApp Message Secretly:

A simple way to read a WhatsApp Message without the Sender knowing is by simply turning off the read receipts or blue ticks, but this is a 2-way-street and you will not be able to guess if the other person has read your WhatsApp message or not.

Turning off read receipts or disabling blue ticks on WhatsApp is easy. To disable read receipts, go to WhatsApp. Accounts > Privacy> Turn off read receipts by swiping left.

However if you want to have the advantage and hold the the card by reading the message but also don’t want the other party to know that you read their WhatsApp messages, you can follow this simple trick ; before opening a WhatsApp message, put your phone in Airplane mode and when you are done, it will be marked as unread even after you have turned off the Airplane mode.

Another trick you can follow to show your presence less on WhatsApp is to turn off your last seen.
Go to Settings > Click on Account > Select Privacy. You can tweak settings to disable last seen for your contacts or for no contacts at all.

You can also mark a WhatsApp message as “unread” for times when you see a message but don’t read it so that you remember to read and reply to it later. To mark a message as unread, tap on a message and hold it, then select Mark as unread. Note that the sender will know that the message has been read but you will be reminded that you have not actually read it through a blue or green dot.