How to: troubleshoot Sound issues on Windows 10

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1. Check to make sure Windows is using the correct device for speaker output by clicking on the speaker icon in the taskbar. (Sometimes Windows 10 switches the output to a different device, without you knowing it.) , i experienced this a lot when using a wireless projector the default device kept on changing to the Epson projector and i had to continuously change it back to my laptop inbuilt speaker.

windows 10 audio

As you may see above you will be able to view the name of the speaker currently in use. Click on that name to switch to the proper device, if applicable. In case you are using external speakers, then make sure they are powered on.

2. Reboot your computer.

3. Verify via the speaker icon in the taskbar that the audio is not muted and is turned up.

4. Ensure that the computer isn’t muted via hardware, such as a dedicated mute button on you laptop or keyboard. Test by playing a song.

5. Right Click the volume icon and click Open Volume Mixer. Ensure that all options are on and turned on appropriately .

6. Internal speakers still not working on your laptop? Plug headphones into the audio jack and test again. If the headphones work, remove them to continue troubleshooting the internal speakers.

How to: troubleshoot Sound issues

7. For desktop Computers with speakers plugged into the 3.5mm jack, try a USB speaker or USB headphones. (Or visa versa.) If the alternative device works, remove it to continue troubleshooting the original set of speakers.

How to: troubleshoot Sound issues

8. Right-click the volume icon again and choose Open Sound settings. In the window that opens, locate Related Settings, then click on Sound Control Panel.

How to: troubleshoot Sound issues

In the Playback tab, confirm that your audio device (likely ‘Speakers/Headphones’) has a green checkmark / tick next to it. Then click Properties and make sure that Use this device (enable) is selected.

9. Restart Audio Services

In the search box on the taskbar, type services, then select it from the results & Click on it .

How to: troubleshoot Sound issues

Select each of the following services, right-click, and then select Restart:

  • Windows Audio
  • Windows Audio Endpoint Builder
  • Remote Procedure Call ( RPC)