Having a consistent theme to all your Blogger posts helps bring visitors back and is essential to providing them a great blog experience. With Blogger’s system, you create your site by choosing from a menu of options and dragging them into place. You can define the site’s color scheme to match your company logo or add pictures of your products to enthrall visitors. In your blog template, you can specify the default font for all posts to ensure a consistent message.

Step 1

Sign in to Blogger and click on the title of the website containing the font you want to modify. The site appears in the Overview window.

Step 3

Click the “Customize” button to show the website in the Blogger Template Designer.

Step 4

Click “Advanced” to display the Advanced panel. If it’s not selected by default, click “Page,” which defines the fonts used for all posts.

Step 5

Click the font you want from the Font box. Select the color from the Text Color drop-down. Click the pixel size drop-down to define the size of the text. The sample blog under the Advanced panel changes to mach your selections.

Step 6

Click the “Apply to Blog” button to save your changes.

Step 7

Click “View Blog” so you can view your modifications as users would see them.