Researchers warn of Consequences from ‘Printjack’ Printer attacks

A team of Italian researchers has compiled a set of three attacks called ‘Printjack’ Printer attacks,’ warning users of the significant consequences of over-trusting their printer. The attacks include recruiting the printers in DDoS swarms, imposing a paper DoS state, and performing privacy breaches. As the researchers point out, modern printers are still vulnerable to

The Remote Work Evolution

This Short Article looks at the Remote work Evolution. It generally discusses how Remote work has evolved over the Years . Plus the impact of Remote to Businesses. Around the world, more people than ever are engaging in remote work. While the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a massive migration away from the traditional workplace. The evolution

Importance of patching Security vulnerabilities urgently

There is a high level of Importance of patching security vulnerabilities urgently upon Discovery on any Corporate Network Environment.This is as Highlighted in the case of Apache Airflow servers at leading tech firms leaking thousands of credentials. Something which highlights the importance of prompt patching. The latter also demonstrates how simple misconfiguration flaws and going