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Google Nixes Realtime Search: Google+ Redesign Axes Twitter Integration

Google has apparently killed off its Realtime search feature, or disabled it for a while, at the very least. Google’s recently unveiled social network, Google+, brought a host of changes with it, including a cleaner-looking user interface. An unexpected casualty of these changes may be Google’s Realtime search, developed to integrate real-time data from Twitter[…]

Microsoft’s Office in the cloud takes on Google

Microsoft’s Office in the cloud takes on Google Microsoft on Tuesday started selling Office 365, a cloud subscription version of Office that starts at $6 per user a month that targets small businesses. By Sharon Pian Chan Seattle Times technology reporter / GETTY IMAGES In this photo from Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer launches cloud-based Microsoft[…]

Search giant, social underdog: Google+ faces uphill climb vs. Facebook

Search giant, social underdog: Google+ faces uphill climb vs. Facebook By Todd Bishop, GeekWire So many people are on Facebook. How are they going to get them to switch? It’s going to have to be pretty great. That was the immediate reaction from certain Facebook-addicted members of my family today as we read the blog post and[…]

Facebook exec says tools can promote small businesses

PALO ALTO, Calif. — With more than 500 million members, Facebook is hugely attractive to small businesses as a place to market their wares. By Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY Emily White is director of Local at Facebook, where she works with businesses to help them reach customers. But tips on how small businesses can best[…]

How to Be a Great Link Builder

How to Be a Great Link Builder Writing by Nick Stamoulis Link building is one of those things that is a complete learning process if you are trying to perform your own link building campaigns. It is important to realize that link building doesn’t always deliver direct traffic, so using the right measurement tools to[…]

Top Online Brand Monitoring Tools

At some point in time you might find yourself building up quite a bit of chatter in the online space and it might make sense to start keeping track of what people are saying about you or your business. Regardless of whether it is good or bad, you might want to leave some comments behind[…]

Things Marketing Software Can’t Do!

Don’t get me wrong, using automation and software programs at times is a must because after all there are only so many hours in the day to get everything done, but there are times when software programs and automation tools are just not cool to use. Social media and search engine optimization is the process[…]

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